We specialise in providing the right equipment to meet your specific hire needs.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​From the largest Boom Lifts, Elevated Work Platforms of all sizes, versatile Forklifts, Excavators, Loaders and Diggers, through to Compaction gear and large scale Diesel Generators.

Scissor Lift Hire Warrnambool

Scissor Lifts


We carry a full range of electric scissor lifts and diesel all terrain scissor lifts for hire from 6 metres to 13 metres in reach.

Our scissor lifts handle the smallest to largest job for indoor or outdoor needs.

Scissor lifts provide you with elevated platform access for working at heights or accessing difficult to reach areas. They are far more flexible than fixed platforms and also allow for lifting work equipment to site.

Boom Lifts


We specialise in providing a full range of boom lifts types and sizes to suit every job. 

From straight boom lifts, knuckle booms and trailer mounted booms. Lengths range from 10m to 56m in reach.
We have the right boom for the job.


Boom Lift Hire Warrnambool

Skidsteer Loaders


We have Skid Steer Loaders to suit your earthmoving, site clearance or landscaping needs.

Coming in a range of sizes from stand-on to sit in units, we carry late model units to ensure safety and comfort for your next job. Our larger excavators are diesel powered, tracked machines. Tracked units are easy to operate and increase stability and minimise terrain damage.

Our units are easy to operate with a 4-in-1 bucket and a range of attachments. Sit in loaders come with full roll over protection and canopy for operator safety.


Skidsteer Loader Hire Warrnambool



We carry stock of the latest excavator technology. For your next digging, drainage or difficult to access job we have equipment suited to your needs.

Our excavator range starts at 1.7 tonne upwards.
Some of these are on trailers, come with various attachments including rock breaker, seive bucket and tilting head.

Safety and comfort is paramount on the job, so our units come with enclosed cabins and even have airconditioning available.

Excavator Hire South West Victoria



When you need forklift hire make sure you check out our range, We maintain forklifts from 2.5T to 5T,
including rough terrain units powered by electric and diesel engines.

Forklifts are available for long-term or short-term hire and we have various attachments including fork extensions, and jib attachments. 

Make sure you contact us for your next forklift hire.

Forklift Hire Warrnambool



We carry a range of compaction gear including our twin drum rollers.
Trailer mounted equipment, Including the ​​​​​​​latest technology

We can supply plate compactors through to drum rollers and ramming equipment. 

Hire Australia carry the latest equipment to make your compaction job easier and safer.

​​​​​​​Contact us for your next compaction job.

Compactor Hire Warrnambool


See our range of fully automatic lighting towers.
We have static and trailer mounted options available.

Lighting towers are available in diesel or 240V operation.

We have a variety of lighting equipment to help you get your job done easier, with the latest floodlights in diesel powered units and trailer mounted lighting towers.

Lighting Tower Hire Warrnambool


We have a range of telehandlers available in varying lift heights and capacities.

Telehandlers are perfect for construction, mining, and farming applications.

Our modern fleet of telehandlers are all fitted with a load managment system ensuring operator safety at all times.

Telehandler Hire Warrnamboool


We have a range of diesel generators from 8KVA upwards.

These units are ideally suited to construction, events and general purpose use. Utilising the latest technology, all our generators are fuel efficient and operator at low noise levels.




We are have an extensive range of other commercial hire equipment, including:

  • Fuel Cells
  • Water Carts
  • High Pressure Washers
  • Distribution Boards
  • Various other equipment attachments
Generator Hire Warrnambool
Miscellaneous Hire Warrnambool
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